Daily Group Lessons

$20 p/person for a 3hr lesson with maximum beginner group size of 12.

Three day special - $50

Come and get a lesson on your first day. Then join for two more days at a discount rate. A great way to start your surfing journey.

Family / Small group -$150 total

The perfect lesson for a family or group of friends. Why bother with a crowd when you can have your own private instructor. This is the perfect way to learn quickly and have fun with your family or friends. Maximum 5 people.

Private - $100

This is 100% your own instrcuctor and private 1 on 1 tuition. If you want to experience surfing by yourself then this is for you. The perfect present for a loved one or a childs first surfing experience or for those who want some more advanced tuition.

Backpacker surfing / accommodation special - $130

 Surf three days with three nights dorm room accommodtion. Free breakfast / tea and coffee.