Daily Group Lessons $25 per person

Our Group Lessons run daily, twice a day. 

9:30am and 2:00pm

No more than 10 people per coach ratio!!

Any level of ability and fitness accepted, commit!

Three day special - $60

Come and get a lesson on your first day. Then join for two more days at a discount rate. A great way to start your surfing journey.

Family / Small group -$150 total

The perfect lesson for a family or group of friends. Why bother with a crowd when you can have your own private instructor. This is the perfect way to learn quickly and have fun with your family or friends. Maximum 5 people.

Private - $50 per hour

These Lessons are the best way to launch yourself into becoming a well rounded surfer. if your just starting out or looking for more advanced tuition, you will appreciate the benefits of the one on one coaching, and you will soon be surfing at your peak!